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Faculty: Moodle Upgrade Notification

Following the upgrade to Moodle on Tuesday, May 1st, please clear your browser cache. This will ensure that the editing tools and links will be properly activated when editing has been turned on in your course.

How to clear your browser cache:,2817,2480401,00.asp

For more assistance please contact IT Help: or 604-990-4952, local 4952

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Tip: Use the Dashboard view to find your Moodle courses

To see your own course links in the new Moodle 3.2 use the Dashboard view. If you need to browse for a course in Moodle use the Home view.

moodle 3.2 logo

Faculty: Do not use Internet Explorer when marking in Moodle's Gradebook

There has been a bug identified when marking in Internet Explorer - student names do not line up with the grading boxes when scrolling horizontally.