Topic outline

  • English Language Support for NABU Students

    ELS for NABU students provides support specifically for non-native speakers enrolled in the NABU program at Capilano University.  Areas of help include: 

    • Academic Reading skills
    • Academic Writing skills
    • Listening/note-taking skills
    • Speaking/presentation skills
    • APA and other citation help.  
  • ELS for NABU Schedule (by appointment only)


  • How to book an appointment

    Method 1:  Click on the link below to schedule an appointment online.

    Method 2:  Go to the front counter of the Learning Commons on the first floor of the library and book a time in person using the iPad near the front counter.


  • ELS Policies

    1.  Please bring a printed, double-spaced copy of your assignment along with the assignment instructions from your instructor.

    2.  Try to limit your appointment times to only two 30-minute periods per month. 

    3.  Book an appointment well in advance of the due date of your assignment.  ELS instructors want to provide a learning experience.  A quick rush through your assignment is not a learning experience. 

    Thank you!

    • General ELS Moodle Resource Site

      Lots of helpful resources at the link below!  However, if you are a NABU student, please do not book appointments on the General ELS site.  Instead, use the ELS for NABU Students Moodle page to book an appointment. (See above on this page!)

    • ELS Referral Form for Instructors

      Capilano University course instructors can fill out the referral form for a student when the instructor would like the student to visit ELS to work on a particular language issue.  The student then takes the form to the ELS instructor.  Once the activity has been completed by the student, the ELS instructor can sign the form to verify to the course instructor that the student completed the activity.