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Date: Wednesday, 24 April 2019, 3:59 PM


Capilano University uses Moodle as its online learning management system for online and mixed-mode courses as well as to supplement face-to-face courses.  Your instructor may or may not use Moodle for your course.

If Moodle is being used for your course please familiarize yourself with the first page on the left titled Getting started - what you need to know.

Additional help files can be found by topic within the menu on the right >>

Need More Help?

Please contact your instructor for course related Moodle help.

Please contact IT Services for login, password and other technical issues.

Phone: 604.984.4952

Drop in Location: LB125 (in the Library)

Moodle Mobile App

While Capilano University's Moodle site is built using a mobile-friendly, responsive theme, the Moodle Mobile App can offer both students and faculty a more streamlined mobile-friendly experience. Please note however, not all functionality may be available on the Mobile App.

Follow these instructions to connect your device to the Moodle Mobile App:

  1. Download the App to your device
  2. Once you have successfully downloaded the App to your device you must enter the following URL into the text box and then click Connect:
  3. Once you have connected, you will be prompted to log in using the same username and password you would use to log into

Documentation at

Mobile App Features

Creating Mobile Friendly courses

Notifications - for Students and Teachers

Moodle Desktop

Moodle App FAQ for Students

Moodle App FAQ for Teachers

New Moodle Interface as of May 2, 2017

Moodle 3.2 focuses on improving the user experience and on accessibility.

Please familiarize yourself with these important changes and new features that will be implemented on May 2nd.


  1. How to navigate in Moodle - New User Interface 
  2. Notifications and Messaging 

How Do I Forward My Cap Email Another Email Account?

If you don't want to have to check your Cap email separately from your personal email and prefer to have both email accounts show up in one place you need to forward your Cap email to your preferred email account. Here's how to do that:

Getting Started - What You Need to Know

Before you start your learning experience with Moodle at Capilano there are several things to check to make your experience as smooth as possible. First please review the technical requirements page:

Each Moodle site will be unique in terms of what it offers as each of your teachers may choose to use it slightly differently. You should familiarize yourself with the following basics before you start:

<< Additional help files and screen-casts can be found by topic within the menu on the left.

Need More Help?

Is it course related? If so, please first contact your instructor.

Please contact IT Services for login, password and any other technical issues:

Phone: 604.984.4952

Drop in Location: LB125 (in the Library)

Technical Requirements and Recommended Browser Settings

Before you begin, we strongly suggest that you confirm you are using one of the recommended browser configurations prior to accessing the online Moodle environment. 

Click here to view the list of recommended browsers and corresponding versions.

It is also recommended that the following browser requirements be met in order for Moodle to function correctly.

Some instructors might be using tools that require the use of other plug-ins such as:

This browser check and bandwidth test provided by the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium is a great little tool that will automatically detect some of your browser settings for you as well as the speed at which your Internet connection allows you to upload and download files.

If your speed is slower than recommended, you can still use Moodle, but may experience delay in loading pages, and in any audio or video files that you need to access. It is strongly recommended to use a broadband Internet connection for use with Moodle.

How do I access a Moodle course?

STEP 1:  Logging in to Moodle
STEP 2:  Finding your course site after you are logged in

Logging in to Moodle

First time logging into Moodle?  Make sure to log in to the Student Information Web Service and change your temporary password to a personalized password or you will not be able to log in to Moodle.

Still having problems?  Contact IT Services for help:

Phone: 604.984.4952

Drop in Location: LB125 (in the Library)

Finding your course site

  1. Make sure you are logged into Moodle (see above)

  2. Your landing page will either be Moodle Home or your Dashboard.  All of the Moodle course sites you have access to will be listed on your Dashboard and separated into 1 of 3 categories:

    1. In Progress
    2. Future
    3. Past

  3. Click on the course name which is a link to the course site (eg, Moodle 101 - Fall 2018)

If you do not see the course you are looking for it is possible that the instructor has not yet made the site available to students or the instructor might not be using a Moodle site.  Please contact your instructor for more information.

How do I turn on/off email notifications for discussion posts, assignment grading, etc.

  1. Click on your name which is located on the top right corner of the page after you log into Moodle and select Preferences

  2. Under User account select either Message preferences or Notification preferences

NOTE: Some of your Moodle Activity module settings might supersede these Notification options.

For example, with Discussion Forums:

In both of the above-noted cases, you will not receive notifications of forum discussions even if you have set your personal forum notifications preferences to be on.

Personal Preferences (for example, change email address)

  1. After you have logged in click on your Name that appears on the top right corner of the page
  2. Click on Profile
  3. Click Edit Profile
  4. Update/add your personal information (for example, change email address, etc.)
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update profile

*** This method forwards only Moodle notifications and emails to your personal or preferred email account. It is recommended that you forward your email in your Cap Outlook account so you receive all Capilano University notifcations including Moodle. How do I do this?

Change Messaging Preferences

  1. Log into moodle
  2. Under your login name there is a drop down menu – select Preferences
  3. Under User Account select Messaging
  4. Edit your preferences accordingly
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button Save changes

How do I get a course removed My Courses list?

Currently, only the instructor has the ability to remove students from a course list.

Please contact your course instructor or

Using Discussion Forums

... coming soon

How do I upload a file for an assignment

  1. Click on the link to the Assignment on your Moodle page

  2. Click on the button Add submission

  3. You will see a box titled File submissions - click on the Add button

  4. You will see a pop up window appear titled File picker

  5. Select Upload a file from the menu options on the left

  6. In the main window next to the word Attachment: click on Choose File

  7. Browse to the file you want to upload

  8. Double click on the file to return to the File picker window (or click the file name and then click the open button to return to the File picker window)

  9. Click the Upload this file button

  10. Click the Save changes button

    You may or may not have a submit button depending on the configuration your instructor has chosen for this assignment. 

    If there is a button that says submit assignment click that when you are ready to submit your final draft otherwise you simply need to saving the file as per the above-noted steps.

How do I delete or change an uploaded file for an assignment?

  1. Click on the link to the Assignment on your Moodle page

  2. Click on the button Edit my submission

  3. Click on the actual File itself (a pop up window will appear with more options)

  4. Click on the delete button

  5. Save changes

How do I access my Grades on Moodle?

First you should check with your instructor. Not all grades are posted on Moodle.

If your instructor is entering grades on Moodle and has enabled this feature in your Moodle course, you will see a link titled Grades in the Settings block.

If you cannot locate the Settings block you may have docked it in which case it will appear tabbed on the top left side of your Moodle site.

How do I rate discussion posts?

By default students are not allowed to rate discussion posts.  This capability only exists for the instructor should the instructor wish to add ratings.  The instructor can however over-ride this capability and allow students to rate their peers.  If your instructor has asked you to rate your peers in a discussion forum here are some basic instructions:

  1. Enter the Discussion Forum

  2. Find the post you want to rate and then simply select your rating from the drop down menu next to the word Rate (see screen capture below)

image: rate discussion posts

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not have javascript enabled in your browser you will see a RATE button to the right of the drop-down menu.  You have to click this to SAVE the rating.  Otherwise, if you have javascript enabled in your browser the rating will automatically be saved.  Click here for more information on enabling javascript in your browser.

The ratings will be calculated based on the criteria entered by the instructor (for example the instructor might have set the ratings to be a total average).  John Doe will see an average of all his ratings in the gradebook but he will not see who the ratings were from.

How can I see all of my discussion posts at a glance?

  1. Locate your Navigation block
  2. Click My Profile >> Forum Posts >> Posts

TIP #1: You can print the page of forum posts by using your browser print option (File, Print).

TIP #2: Make sure your docks are blocked to maximize your screen size.

TIP #3: Try doing a Print Preview first to see what the print job will look like. You can decrease the number of pages by decreasing the scale (also known as zoom or print size) to a lesser percentage such as 60%.

Digital Textbook Help

Access to Digital Textooks

The textbooks for each class reside within your Moodle course listing.  Students need to read, understand the risks and consent to the information contained with the Digital Textbook Privacy Consent Form, before they can access their digital textbook via the Digital Textbook link. The files for the digital texts reside on the Texidium server, and as they are outside the University network and located in the U.S., students need to be informed of the privacy issues and provide consent that they are aware that the name, email address, and their activity within the texts are stored on this server.


Texidium eReader Account Creation

The first time students access the Digital Textbook link within Moodle, they will need to create a Texidium eReader account. They will need to provide their name, email address and create a password that is not the same as their Capilano University password. Subsequent access to the textbook will not require them to log into the Texidium eReader.


Student Support

Students requiring help with  Moodle login, password and other technical issues can contact IT at or 604.984.4952 or visit the IT Service Desk in the Library.  Additional information is also available via the Student Help FAQ page


Students requiring help using the Texidium eReader can go to .  They will find FAQ's, helpful tutorial tip sheets and videos.  If they require additional support, they can complete the support form at or by phoning 1-877-764-9498  [6 a.m. – 6 p.m. (PST)].