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Import/Copy content from another course

How do I copy an entire course (or part of a course) into another course site?

  1. Go into the course that you want to copy the content into

  2. Click on the "Gear" icon located on the top right of your Moodle course page

  3. Select Import from the menu options

  4. Choose the course you want to import from

  5. Click Continue

  6. You will see a page titled Backup settings (by default all items are check marked - de-select sections you do NOT want to bring over, for example, the entire question bank)

  7. Click Next

  8. You will now see a page listing all the items in your Course (by default all the items in your course are selected)

    1. I WANT TO IMPORT EVERYTHING:  continue to step 8

        • Click on the link titled None to automatically de-select all the items first

        • Click the checkbox that represents the SECTION that contains the item(s) you wish to import

        • Once the section has been selected you can then click the checkbox for each item you want to import that resides in that section

  9. Scroll down and click Next

  10. You will see a confirmation page listing all the items that will be imported

  11. Scroll down and click Perform Import

  12. Once the import is complete click Continue

PLEASE READ!  Important things to note:

  • Existing course content will not be deleted or over-written.  Course content you import will be added to the existing site.  If you want to delete the existing content see the Restore process)

  • Student data will not be imported (eg, student lists, grades, etc.) If you want to bring existing student data over to your new course site see the Restore process)

Watch a video: How To Import A Course In Moodle