Faculty Help


View all student posts at a glance

Why would you want to do this? For marking purposes.

  1. Once in your course site, click on Participants

  2. Click on the name of a student

  3. Locate your Navigation block

  4. Click Current Course >> [course name] >> Participants >> [student name] >> Forum Posts >> Posts

TIP #1: You can print the page of forum posts by using your browser print option (File, Print).  NOTE: if there is more than one page of results you will have to print each page view separately.

TIP #2: Make sure your docks are blocked and that your editing is turned off to maximize your screen size for viewing and printing.

TIP #3: Try doing a Print Preview first to see what the print job will look like.  You can decrease the number of pages by decreasing the scale (also known as zoom or print size) to a lesser percentage such as 60%.