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Archived courses

Courses will reside on Moodle for one year (plus one term) at which time they will be archived (backed up and saved to a storage area). 

Once the courses have been archived they will be deleted from the Moodle server.

For example:

  • Fall 2015 - Active Term
  • Summer 2015
  • Spring 2015
  • Fall 2014
  • Summer 2014 - (to be archived at the start of Fall 2015)


What if I am still using an older term course with students and it is about to be archived?

If you are teaching a cross-term course and are still actively using a course site that resides in a category that is about to be archived you must back up the course and restore it with user data into one of your existing course shells. 


How do I know if my Moodle course resides in a category that is about to be archived? 

Academic courses that reside in term categories will be archived. These courses will generally have the term in the course name (for example, BADM 101 01 - Fall 2015).  If the course is in a term category and is one year old (for example BADM 101 01 - Fall 2014) it will be archived in the next round of archives beginning the next semester (Spring 2016).


What information is saved in an archived course?

The state of an archived course will be the same as it was when it was last edited/changed.  For example, if the course was reset the archive will not contain any student data. Most courses will be archived with student data - as a general rule most instructors do not reset their courses.


How do I make sure my archived courses will always contain student data? 

At the end of each term, do not reset your course.  Simply make your course unavailable to students.  This will remove student access while keeping all of the student data intact.  The course instance including the student data will be available to you up to a period of one year at which point it will be archived and moved off the server.


Can I access my course after it is archived? 

Yes, archived courses will be stored on a server in the form of a backup file.  If you want to restore an archived version of a course instance you may request this by contacting IT Services.

Please indicate the name, number and term instance you want restored i.e. ENGL 100 07 - Summer 2014


I have a site in the Departments' category, will this be archived?

No, there are no plans to archive Department sites at this time.  If a site remains unused for a long period of time, we may contact you to determine if it is still needed.