Faculty Help


Import Question Bank from blackboard .zip file

Note: these are steps specific to importing a series of quiz questions that have already been generated using a 3rd party tool such as Test Gen and exported in a format Moodle is able to read (such as blackboard).

  1. Extract the blackboard zip file

      • Save the .zip file (blackboard.zip) to your computer
      • Extract the file blackboard.zip to your computer (after you have saved it, right click and choose extract all)

  2. Create Categories in Moodle for each quiz chapter (you have a lot of .dat files.  Does each one represent a separate chapter?  If so do you want to create a category for each chapter?  If so follow these steps and repeat for each chapter)

      • Log into your moodle course
      • Locate your Administration block and click on Course Administration >> Question Bank >> Categories
      • Scroll down to the section titled ‘Add Category’
      • Type the name of the category into field titled *Name (eg, Chapter 1)
      • Click on the button Add Cateogry to save your changes
      • Repeat steps 3-5 for each category you want to create

  3. Import the .dat files (quiz questions) into each Moodle question category  (now that you have extracted the quiz questions to your computer (step 1) and created categories for each one (step 2) you can import the questions into each category)

      • Locate your Administration block and click on Course Administration >> Question Bank >> Import
      • Within the section titled File Format select the 3rd option from the top (Blackboard V6+)
      • Within the section titled General make you select the appropriate category that you created in step 2
      • Within the section titled Import questions from file – open up another window on your computer that has all of your .dat files from step 1 and drag and drop one of the .dat files into the box with the blue arrow (or if you are having problems with drag and drop click the button Choose a File and browse to the .dat file)
      • Click on the Import button
      • Repeat steps 2-5 for each .dat file you want to import