Faculty Help


Add a Feedback Form

STEP 1 - Create a feedback form (shell)

  1. Click the Turn editing on button at the top right of the course page

  2. Click the Add an activity or resource link

  3. The Activity chooser will then pop up, scroll down to ACTIVITIES, select Feedback and then click the Add button

  4. You will now be on a new page titled Adding a new Feedback ...

  5. Enter a Name for your Feedback form (this is what will be displayed to the students)

  6. Enter a Description (eg, instructions to the student)

  7. If you want to set an open and/or close date, click the checkbox to enable these fields and enter the corresponding dates

  8. Feedback Options

    1. Record user names (choose whether or not you want to make the results anonymous)
    2. Show analysis page after submit  (choose whether or not you want to display the results to the students)
    3. Enable notification of submissions (choose whether or not you would like to receive an email notification each time a student submits feedback)
    4. Multiple submissions (choose whether or not you would like students to submit once or multiple times - note: this option only works if the feedback is anonymous)
    5. Automated numbers (choose whether or not you want numbers to precede each of your feedback options)
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button Save and display

STEP 2 - add questions to your form

  1. Click on the Edit questions tab
  2. Under the section titled Add question to activity - select the type of question you wish to add

For more detailed information on the types of feedback questions you can add you can refer to Moodle.org Building Feedback page.