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Add the Attendance activity

Using Attendance

Attendance is a feature that allows instructors to report attendance in face-to-face classes into Moodle. Attendance reports can be viewed by both the instructor and the student, and a grade can be assigned. Instructors are able to customize the attendance status descriptions (i.e. present, absent, late, etc.) and the grade associated with each.

Adding an Attendance Activity

Follow the steps below to add an Attendance module to one or more of the sections of the course.

  1. Add an activity or resourceClick Turn editing on at the top right of the course home page.
  2. Click Add an activity or resource in the section where you would like the attendance to be listed on the course main page.
  3. Select Attendance in the pop-up under Activities, and then click Add. The Attendance settings page appears.

Configuring Attendance

  1. Click Expand all to expand each of the sections and reveal the options.


  1. Note that it is possible to hide the attendance from students. See step one in the next section, Common Module Settings, for instructions.Enter an alternate title in the Name field if you prefer a different title. This name will appear as a link for both students and instructors to access the Attendance on the course main page.
  2. Select a Grade to be assigned to attendance from the drop-down list.

Common Module Settings

  1. Leave the Visible drop-down at Show if you want your students to be able to view their attendance, or select hide if you do not.
  2. Select the appropriate Group mode from the drop-down:
    • None: will only allow for attendance of the entire group to be taken
    • Separate: will allow the instructor to create attendance "sessions" for groups only
    • Visible: will allow the instructor to create attendance "sessions" for the entire class and "sessions" for individual groups

Restrict Access

Restrict access options allow you to set restrictions on an activity or resource by date & time, or by conditions related to previous activities.

  1. Set conditions for activity completion as required. Refer to the Restricting access to resource and activity training page for setting up restriction criteria.

Click Save and display to set up Attendance. The Attendance for the course set up page appears with multiple tabs across the top.

Customizing Attendance Variables

You can customize the attendance status variables to suit your needs. The default variables are: Present, Late, Excused and Absent. You can also assign a point value for each variable if you have chosen to grade attendance.

Customizing Attendance Variables

Changing the Attendance Status Variables

  1. Click the Settings tab in the Attendance for the course page.
  2. Change any of the Acronyms or Descriptions as required. The acronyms represent the variable at the top of the column when taking attendance.
  3. Change the Grade for each associated variable if applicable.
  4. Click Update to save your changes.

Adding and Deleting Attendance Variables

  1. Enter an appropriate Acronym, Description and Grade (if applicable) in the corresponding columns of the empty row.
  2. Click Add. Your new variable appears on the list and another blank row appears.

    You can delete any variables you create by clicking the icon in the Action column. Only variables that you create can be deleted. Other variables can be hidden if not required.

Hiding Attendance Variables

You can hide any of the existing variables from the attendance. For example, you may only want to use two variable (i.e. Present and Absent).

  1. Click the Hide icon icon in the Action column. The variable no longer appears as a status option when taking attendance.

    To make the option available again, click the Show icon icon.

Adding Attendance Sessions

In order to take attendance, you first need to add the sessions. The sessions are a list of classes, tutorials, lab or other class meetings organized by date. You can add multiple sessions for regularly repeating sessions or add several instances of attendance sessions for different types of classes (i.e. lectures, labs, tutorials) or for groups.

Follow the instructions below to add one or multiple sessions for a single slass type.

Adding Attendance Sessions

  1. Click the Add tab in the Attendance for the course page.
  2. Configure the sessions(s) as required.
    • Session type: Depending on how you configured Group mode, you may or may not have any options. Common refers to the entire class, and Group will allow you to include the members of one or more groups in the list of students.

      When set to Groups, you can select one or more groups to include (by holding down the Control key and clicking the group names) in the Groups box.

    • Create multiple sessions: Enable this option if you want to add repeating sessions. (i.e. every Monday and Wednesday at 10 am for the semester).
    • Session Date: Use the drop-down lists to select the date and start time of the session. If you have enable multiple sessions, this will be the first day of class.
    • Duration: Enter the duration of the class in hours and minutes using the drop-down lists.
    • Session end date: Use the drop-down lists to select the date of the last day of classes. This option is only available if Create multiple sessions is enabled.
    • Session Days: Select the day(s) the class is held. This option is only availble if Create multiple sessions is enabled.
    • Frequency: Enter the frequency of the meetings in weeks. For example, if the class meets every week on Mondays, the frequency will be 1. If the class meets every other week on Mondays, the frequency will be 2, etc. This option is only availble if Create multiple sessions is enabled.
    • Description: Enter the name of the name or type of class as it will appear in the attendance records.

      Different types of classes can be added separately if requried.

  3. Click Add session to complete the task. You will get a message that your sessions have been added.

    To view your sessions, click the Sessions tab at the top.

  4. Repeat steps one through three to add another session or a different set of sessions, such as Lab or Tutorials.

Taking Attendance

Once you have customized your attendance status variables and added the sessions to the activity, you can begin recording attendance from the Sessions tab. On this page, a list of your sessions appears, which can be filtered by month, week or day using the buttons below the tabs to the right.

Attendance Sessions

In the Action column of each session row, there are three icons.

delete iconClick this icon to record attendance for corresponding session. This option only appears if attendance has not yet been recorded.

delete icon Click this icon to make changes to attendance that has already been recorded. This option only appears once Attendance has been recorded.

delete iconClick this icon to edit the corresponding session details, such as date, time, duration and description.

delete iconClick this icon to delete the corresponding session.

Follow the instructions below to record attendance for your class.

    1. Click the Sessions tab in the Attendance for the course page.
    2. Click the delete icon icon in the Action column of the corresponding row of the session to record.

      A new page displays the session information at the top, a list of the students and the attendance options for each. It is possible to record each student's attendance status in once click by clicking the corresponding red letter at the top of the coloumn. For example, if you wanted to mark all students present, you would click the red "P" in the top row of the register.

    3. Attendance Sessions
    4. Select the appropriate attendance status for each student and write any notes in the Remarks boxes. Note that students will see your remarks.
    5. Click Save attendance to save the entry.

You can view a summary of attendance by clicking the Report tab at the top. It will show each student's attendance status for each lesson and their grade if applicable.

If required, you can also download an Excel version of the attendance record by clicking the Export tab. The file includes student ID, username, first and last names along with the each student's attendance status for each session, and their grade if applicable.