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New Moodle HTML Editor

The Atto Editor

The editor in Moodle has changed with the latest version of Moodle. It is called Atto and has less options than the previous TinyMCE editor.

An Accessible Moodle

The reason for this is to try to ensure that content created for courses is “accessible” to students with disabilities. Accessibility is becoming more and more important to schools around the world – Cap included. There have been lawsuits brought against universities so our policy towards accessibility will probably be more rigorously enforced in years to come.

Accessible Content Creation

Many content creators inadvertently create content that is difficult to read for people that are vision or hearing impaired. By using some of the more advanced features such as text colour or background colour users may create content where the text and background do not have high enough contrast to make it readable to some students. There are many other things that can cause accessibility to fail. Here is a link to a Moodle site with more information: https://moodle.capilanou.ca/course/view.php?id=12755

Mobile Content Creation

Also, as we are in an era where most students (some estimate 80%) access their web content on mobile devices, some of the traditional desktop designs do not transition well to those devices. “Simpler” is better for viewing there. Moodle is positioning itself to provide accessible content as well as content that works effectively in a mobile environment.

You Can Still Use The Old Editor

All that being said, you can still choose to use the previous editor for now. If you go to Administration/My profile settings you can change back to the old editor under Edit profile/Preferences/Text editor. You will find a drop down box there. Choose TinyMCE HTML editor. Click the Update Profile button at the bottom and you will revert back.

Check For Accessibility

Before you do this you might want to use the Accessibility Checker button (bottom row to the left of the “ear”) on your current content to get a report on how compliant your content is.