Faculty Help


Mass Delete Course Items

There is a block available that will let you mass delete items in your course. If you have a lot of content you wish to get rid of in one pass you can use this new feature.

  •  Make a backup first if you want to be safe when using this feature (in case you delete the wrong item by mistake).

  • Turn your editing on and under Add a Block choose Mass Actions.

  • Checkboxes will now appear next to all the items in your course.  Go through and check all the items you want to delete.  (you also have the ability to bulk HIDE the items or even move them all to a new section of your site that you can then hide from users - you could title the section something like “to be deleted” or “duplicate items” if you unsure that you are actually deleting the correct items)

  • Resize your browser so it places the checkmark closer to the actual item you are selecting.
    Once you have selected the items you want to delete, hide or move click the relevant icon in the mass actions block.  (delete, hide or move to another section).