Faculty Help


Allow Students to Rate Forum Posts

Why would you want to do this? This might be useful for Peer Assessment or to flag 'useful' posts in a Help Forum using a custom text scale.

  1. From your Administration Block, select Forum Administration >> Permissions

  2. This page lists all the permissions a role can have.  You will be looking for the Capability for the Activity: Forum called Rate Posts (mod/forum:rate)  (You type mod/forum:rate directly into the Filter box to quickly find this)

  3. Once you find the row that says Rate Posts (mod/forum:rate), by default Non-editing Teacher, Teacher and Manager should only have permissions

  4. Click the plus sign icon on the left to assign another role (the plus sign icon on the right will prohibit this capability)

  5. A pop up window titled Allow Role will appear - click the box that says Student

    By default only the Teacher can see all of the ratings and the detail.  The student will not be able to see what their ratings are and who rated them.  They will however, be able to see some detail depending on what the Teacher has configured in the Forum.  For example, if count of ratings, they may see that 6 students rated their post.