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Add Quickmail to your course

The Moodle Quickmail block is a block that appears on the right side of your course and allows you to send email to participants or instructors in your course. Quickmail sends email but does not receive email. Quickmail sends email to user’s Cap email addresses – not their personal email.

How to add the Quickmail block to your course

Turning editing on:

  • Navigate to the main course page.
  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner. 
  • Click Turn editing on from the drop down list.
  • Next click on Add a block at the bottom of the navigation drawer on the left side of the screen (click on the three lined “hamburger” at the top left of your screen if you don’t see the left navigation drawer in your course).

Hamburger Icon Smaill

From the list of available blocks that appears, click on Quickmail. (note that blocks already in use will not appear here, so if you don't see the Quickmail block then perhaps it's already in the course)

  • The Quickmail block will be visible on the right-side of the main course page. You can move the Quickmail block up or down by dragging on the four-arrow button shown below (editing must be turned on). After dragging the block to where you want it, reload the page to ensure that it stays there. If after reloading the block is not where you want it again, try dragging the other blocks into place and reload again.