Student Help


How do I access a Moodle course?

STEP 1:  Logging in to Moodle
STEP 2:  Finding your course site after you are logged in

Logging in to Moodle

First time logging into Moodle?  Make sure to log in to the Student Information Web Service and change your temporary password to a personalized password or you will not be able to log in to Moodle.

Still having problems?  Contact IT Services for help:

Phone: 604.984.4952

Drop in Location: LB125 (in the Library)

Finding your course site

  1. Make sure you are logged into Moodle (see above)

  2. Your landing page will either be Moodle Home or your Dashboard.  All of the Moodle course sites you have access to will be listed on your Dashboard and separated into 1 of 3 categories:

    1. In Progress
    2. Future
    3. Past

  3. Click on the course name which is a link to the course site (eg, Moodle 101 - Fall 2018)

If you do not see the course you are looking for it is possible that the instructor has not yet made the site available to students or the instructor might not be using a Moodle site.  Please contact your instructor for more information.