Student Help


How do I upload a file for an assignment

  1. Click on the link to the Assignment on your Moodle page

  2. Click on the button Add submission

  3. You will see a box titled File submissions - click on the Add button

  4. You will see a pop up window appear titled File picker

  5. Select Upload a file from the menu options on the left

  6. In the main window next to the word Attachment: click on Choose File

  7. Browse to the file you want to upload

  8. Double click on the file to return to the File picker window (or click the file name and then click the open button to return to the File picker window)

  9. Click the Upload this file button

  10. Click the Save changes button

    You may or may not have a submit button depending on the configuration your instructor has chosen for this assignment. 

    If there is a button that says submit assignment click that when you are ready to submit your final draft otherwise you simply need to saving the file as per the above-noted steps.