Student Help


Digital Textbook Help

Access to Digital Textooks

The textbooks for each class reside within your Moodle course listing.  Students need to read, understand the risks and consent to the information contained with the Digital Textbook Privacy Consent Form, before they can access their digital textbook via the Digital Textbook link. The files for the digital texts reside on the Texidium server, and as they are outside the University network and located in the U.S., students need to be informed of the privacy issues and provide consent that they are aware that the name, email address, and their activity within the texts are stored on this server.


Texidium eReader Account Creation

The first time students access the Digital Textbook link within Moodle, they will need to create a Texidium eReader account. They will need to provide their name, email address and create a password that is not the same as their Capilano University password. Subsequent access to the textbook will not require them to log into the Texidium eReader.


Student Support

Students requiring help with  Moodle login, password and other technical issues can contact IT at or 604.984.4952 or visit the IT Service Desk in the Library.  Additional information is also available via the Student Help FAQ page


Students requiring help using the Texidium eReader can go to .  They will find FAQ's, helpful tutorial tip sheets and videos.  If they require additional support, they can complete the support form at or by phoning 1-877-764-9498  [6 a.m. – 6 p.m. (PST)].